You're here early. I'm impressed!

Welcome to the Insider Club website. I haven't formally launched the site yet and there's a lot of content still to be added. Never the less, I'm very glad to have you here and I hope you find the content useful.

I have created this site for you to give you a resource where you can learn about how to generate wealth as a high paid IT professional. Even if you are not an IT professional but you're interested in generating an income via the web, then I hope you'll find this site useful.

To begin with (and I stress, it's just to begin with) the Inside Club website will be made up of two kinds of modules - business training and technical training. The business training modules will cover subjects to do with positioning and marketing of yourself. The technical modules will be focused more on the IT side of things. I'll be alternating between the different kinds of modules. So, that means I'll be adding a business module, then covering something technical, then going back to business and so on.

I hope you enjoy my content and I'd welcome your comments and suggestions.

May The Force be with us all!


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